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Reporting Bugs / Questions

  • Before posting a bug report please read the forum and make sure the bug has not already been reported by another user. Posting duplicate threads about the same problem will cause your thread to be deleted at some point.

  • Be as descriptive as possible! Include what you were doing and what you observed when the bug occurred. The more information you give the more likely the problem will be solved.

  • If you have a question, there is a dedicated forum section specifically for that.

Account Sharing

You may share your username and password with anyone as it is only use to login to the bot. The only way to change anything with your bot account is through email.

The bot Manager is a free application that allows you to manage and monitor multiple instances of phBot.

Social Media


This is a list of the most important features - not all features.

  • Multi-locale support

    • iSRO, kSRO, ruSRO, VTC, Gzone, vSRO 1.188/1.193/1.274 (and official vSRO 2 job / 3 job), thSRO, Black Rogue, ECSRO, RIGID, cSROR (official), and cSROR private servers.

  • macOS support via Wine

    • Starting the client through the bot also works through Wine.

  • Use on up to 3 computers at once

    • You are allowed to run as many characters as you like on up to 3 computers. For use on more than 3 computers you will need to use multiple ProjectHax accounts.

  • Fully functional clientless

    • Game does not even need to be installed to bot.

    • New characters can be created through clientless login.

    • It is also capable of going back to the client with two different methods: reconnect and use a return scroll/teleport.

  • Account Sharing

    • Your ProjectHax account can be shared securely without fear of losing it.

  • Command Line Arguments

    • Command Line Arguments allow you to automate certain startup tasks in the bot. For instance, you can have it login to the game and start botting by specify a few startup parameters.

  • Attacking, buffing, party buffing, resurrecting, weapon switching

    • The bot is able to detect your weapons automatically and switch to the correct one based on the skills you add. This includes resurrecting players with a different weapon.

  • Monster Luring

    • Luring monsters allows you to walk outside the training area to bring monsters into the attack area. A skill such as "Howling Shout" can be cast to bring monsters to you. This is perfect for botting an entire party.

  • Attack Log

    • The bot has a log of players that have recently attacked you. This can be useful when you are botting in the "Job Cave" area where there are Hunters and Thieves.

  • Player Gear Spy

    • On the "Players" tab is a complete list of a players items. It allows you to see their gear, avatar items, and if they have a "Devil's Spirit".

  • Comprehensive Pick Filter

    • A pick filter is a list of items that you can pick up, sell, store, or store guild.

    • It allows you to pick up the items while training, sell them while in town, store them while in town, or store them in guild storage while in town.

    • In the bot you can easily sort or search for the items relevent to you.

  • Alchemy

    • Alchemy can be a very time consuming process but important to do since it gives you an edge over other players.

    • phBot has the ability to plus, use alchemic stones (blue stats), use attribute stones (white stats), and also dismantle items into elements.

  • Inventory

    • The bot allows you to look at your complete inventory (with icons!) as well as show stats of gear.

  • Stall

    • On town loop the bot is able to create a stall to sell items or put the items into consignment. This also allows you to re-open a stall if you disconnect.

  • Mastery / Stat Points

    • Skills and character masteries can be automatically leveled up while botting. Stat points can also be added without intervention.

  • Path Finding (auto walk) / Training Area

    • Path finding allows the bot to go to your training area without the use of a walk script (including caves). Scripts can still be used but are not required.

    • Paths are created on town loop and can be edited after if you wish.

    • Conditions can be set up to change the training area when you level up.

  • Chat

    • phBot supports chat completely; including sending global messages and sending/receiving notes.

    • Players can be added to a block list if you do not wish to receive messages from them. In game chat gold spammers are mostly all blocked without you needing to do anything.

  • Monsters

    • Monster types can be ignored, preferred, or avoided. This can also be done by specific monster names.

  • Auto Buy

    • Town items such as HP, MP, and Vigor potions can all be purchased automatically when you start the bot in town.

    • The bot supports buying all items from NPCs

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