phBot time is currently $1.00 USD per week and can be purchased at phBot.org.

  • Payment Methods

    • Stripe (credit cards, Alipay, CashApp pay, Apple Pay)

    • PayPal

    • Bitcoin (through Paymentwall)

    • Paymentwall (various methods available)

  • Logging In

    • Upon a successful payment you will receive a random username and password to login to the bot with.

A few days before your subscription expires you will receive an email detailing that it is expiring soon.

Free Trial

  1. Download phBot.

  2. Login to phBot between 12:00 AM -> 12:00 PM EST Monday night / Tuesday morning (after the Silkroad inspection) with the username "trial" and any password.

You have 12 hours to test the bot.


There are a few resellers out there but please purchase directly whenever possible.

  • Some resellers will give you a card ID and password to redeem on any phBot email that you wish. This method is preferred.

  • Others will require you to give them your email so they can buy time on your account. This method is also safe.

Cards can be redeemed here.

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