Union Party

Union Party is something that was added a few years ago to Silkroad. It allows you to combine up to 3 additional parties to your current party. This can be useful for Fortress War and gaining more EXP if there are tons of monsters in a particular area. Otherwise you should use the normal party system with 8 players total. It requires a Union Party scroll that can be obtained from the Guild Storage NPCs.

  1. Union Party #1

    • Lists all players in the first union party

  2. Union Party #2

    • Lists all players in the second union party

  3. Union Party #3

    • Lists all players in the third union party

  4. Accept union party invites

    • Automatically accepts union party invites based on the accept list.

  5. Invite players to the union party

    • Automatically invites other players to a union party based on the invite list.

  6. Union Party Type

    • The types are exactly the same as in the game.

  7. Invite list

  8. Accept list

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