Key Bindings

Key bindings allow you to start, stop, etc. multiple bots at the same time with a single key press.

  1. Enable key bindings

    • Enables the bot to watch for key inputs.

  2. Start Bot

    • Key binding for starting the bot.

  3. Stop Bot

    • Key binding for stopping the bot.

  4. Start Trace

    • Key binding for starting trace.

  5. Stop Trace

    • Key binding for stopping trace.

  6. Get Position

    • Key binding for getting the current position for the active training area.

    • This can be useful for when you want to move an entire party to a new area.

  7. Enable conditions

    • Enables all conditions.

  8. Disable conditions

    • Disables all conditions.

  9. Call Python

    • Calls a Python function when you press the key binding.

  10. Python function name

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