Assuming you have the minimap images inside the minimap folder you will be able to see the game from a top down perspective. Players, party members, and monsters are all shown on the map. There is a link to download these images inside the phBot release forum thread.

When you right click on the map a menu will appear with quite a few options. It allows you to:

  1. Set the training area

  2. Battle Arena

    • Register for Styria

    • Register for Random Flag

    • Register for Random Points

    • Register for Party Flag

    • Register for Party Points

  3. Access storage / guild storage

  4. Use a teleporter

    • Teleport

    • Designate Recall Point

    • Teleport to a Jupiter Room

  5. Get all event quest rewards at So-Ok

  1. General statistics.

  2. Record Polygon

    • phBot supports two training area types: radius and polygon.

    • A polygon could technically be better but can be difficult to use since the map is not 100% accurate.

  3. Stop Recording

    • Stops recording the polygon

  4. Clear

    • Clears the polygon data

  5. Your charcter.

Cave maps are supported.

Record Polygon

  1. Click "Record Polygon".

  2. Draw a polygon on the map in a clockwise manner.

  3. Click "Stop Recording" once you have closed the polygon.

  4. Go to the "Training Area" tab and right click on your active training area and select "Use Polygon".

You will still need to set the position on the "Training Area" tab for other features in the bot to work.

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