Command Line

Command line arguments for phBot

Here is a list of arguments that phBot supports. The Manager can automate all of this for free if you do not wish to use batch files/shortcuts.

  --username arg          Silkroad username
  --password arg          Silkroad password
  --server arg            Silkroad server
  --character arg         Silkroad character
  --passcode arg          Silkroad secondary passcode
  --startbot              Start bot on login
  --relogdc               Relog if you disconnect
  --returntotown          Use return scroll once you login
  --locale arg            Silkroad locale (isro, silkroadr, csro-silkroadr, or private-server)
  --minimize              Minimize the bot
  --disablemap            Disable the Silkroad map
  --bindip arg            Bind address
  --loginserver arg       iSRO/SilkroadR login server (requires full IP)
  --proxyip arg           SOCKS proxy IP
  --proxyport arg         SOCKS proxy port
  --proxyuser arg         SOCKS username
  --proxypass arg         SOCKS password
  --disabletray           Disables minimizing to the system tray
  --logsize arg           Sets the maximum log file size for deleting (in
  --skipupdates           Skip all automatic updates
  --update                Update the bot with no user interaction
  --wine                  Specify if using Wine on *nix and automatic detection
  --client                Starts the client
  --clientless            Go clientless after getting in game (useful for
                          certain vSRO servers)
  --hide                  Hide the bot on startup
  --hideclient            Hide the client after it loads
  --privateserver arg     Private server name
  --white                 Disables the dark theme
  --starttrace            Starts tracing a player on login
  --tracename arg         Trace player name
  --fontsize arg          Font size
  --force-inject          Force using phBot.dll
  --minidump              Enables minidump crash files
  --silkroadr-channel arg iSRO/SilkroadR login channel (joymax or jcplanet)
  --profile arg           Config profile name

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