The "Academy" tab allows you to completely manage your academy.

  1. Shows a list of all players in the academy

  2. Notice View button

    • Displays the current academy notice.


  1. Accept all academy invites

    • Accept all incoming academy join invitations

  2. Accept academy invites from the list

    • Only accept academy invites if they come from a player that is in the "Accept / Invite" list.

  3. Invite all players

    • Invite all players near you to the academy.

  4. Invite only from the list

    • Invite only the players in the "Accept / Invite" list.

  5. Show academy invites

    • Show a dialog with the academy invite details in the bot.

  6. Accept join invitations

    • Enables accepting join invitations.

  7. Invite players to the academy

    • Enables inviting other players to the academy.

  8. Auto graduate from the academy

    • Auto graduates your character from the academy when you are level 40 and above as an apprentice, or level 60 and above as an assistant.

  9. Refuse invites from players not in the list

    • Denies invites from players not in the list

  10. Graduate level

  • Level an academy member must be before graduating them

  1. Password

  • Allows you to set a password a player must PM you with before they are accepted into the academy

  1. Accept / Invite List

  • The list the bot will use for accepting academy invites and sending out academy invites.


  1. Title

    • The title to use when forming the academy matching.

  2. Auto form academy matching

    • Automatically forms the academy. It will reform every 10 minutes.

  3. Allows you to choose the type of matching

  4. View Matching

    • View the academies in the matching system.

  5. Join academy #

    • Join an academy by its academy matching number.

  6. Auto join matching by player name.

  7. Auto join matching by title.

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