The "Protection" tab contains your auto potion settings, return options, and monster attack preferences.


To enable the potion type, check the box. Potions are used when your HP/MP stats drop below a percentage that you have set.


The "Return" tab sets the options for returning to town.

  1. HP potions <= X

    • Return to town when you have less than a certain amount of HP potions.

  2. <= 5 MP potions left

    • Return when you have <= 5 MP potions in your inventory.

  3. Out of universal pills

    • Return when you have no more Universal Pills in your inventory.

  4. Out of vigors

    • Return when you are out of Vigor potions.

  5. Out of arrows/bolts

    • Return when you have no more arrows or bolts in your inventory.

    • The bot will count arrows for Chinese characters and Bolts for European characters if you have a Bow / Crossbow.

  6. Out of speed scrolls

    • Return when you are out of movement speed scrolls.

  7. Inventory is full

    • This option will return when you have 2 free slots empty.

    • It should be enabled so you always have room to pick up item drops and can also still switch weapons.

  8. Weapon durability

    • Returns when the weapons durability is less than 4.

  9. Shield durability

    • Returns when the shield durability is less than 4.

  10. Armor durability

  • Returns when any armor durability is less than 4.

  1. Union Party Tickets

  • Return when out of union party tickets.

  1. Energy of Life

  • Returns when out of Energy of Life items.

  1. Return X minutes before the next hour

  • This option can be used to return for certain in game events.

  1. Return every X minutes

  • This option can be used for Bards or Clerics that rarely return to town.

  1. Return at ... every day

  • This option can be used to get the Genie Lamp quest every day.

  1. Return/disconnect ... minutes

  • This option will return to town and disconnect every set minutes. It can be used to refresh the grey bar experience a certain number of times.

  1. Styria

  • Return for Styria.

  • You must have the styria command in your script for it to register. The styria command is specifically tuned for iSRO/SilkroadR and will not work on private servers that have it at a different time. You can still register for Styria through the map tab though.

  1. Return if less than X players are in the party

  • Returns to town when the party does not have the set number of players.

  1. Disconnect every X minutes

  • This option will disconnect after being in game for X amount of minutes.

  1. Reset play time (VTC)

  • This option is for VTC only and will use the Silk mall to reset your play time so the character can gain EXP again.

  1. Dead

  • Return to town when dead.

  1. Not resurrected within X minute(s)

  • Waits for someone to resurrect you and then returns to town.

  1. Return immediately if dead outside of the training area

  • Instead of waiting, it will return immediately if you aren't inside the training area.

  1. Use resurrection scroll

  • Uses a resurrection scroll, if you have one, instead of returning to town.

  1. Not attacked within X minute(s)

  • Return to town if you are not attacked by a monster within a specified amount of time.

  1. Unique spawns near you

  • Return when a unique spawns near you.

  1. Job transport dies

  • Use a return scroll when the job transport dies.

  • This is useful when doing job quests that require a transport.

  1. Pink status

  • Return if your character has pink murder status.

  1. Murder status

  • Disconnects if your character has murder status.

  1. Change primary weapon if broken

  • Switches the primary weapon to the same item type if it breaks instead of returning to town on weapon durability.


Use gear socket skills.

Pet Return

Pet return options.

  1. Pet recovery kits

    • Return when out of recovery kits (fellow pet)

  2. Pet revive

    • Return when out of pet revive items

  3. Pet feed

    • Return when out of feed items

  4. Abnormal state

    • Return when out of abnormal state potions for the pet

  5. Transport recovery kits

    • Return when out of transport recovery kits (wolf pet)

  6. Pick pet full

    • Return when the pick pet is full


The "Berserk" tab allows you to set preferences for berserk.


These options control berserk for when the bot attacks a specific monster type, more than a certain number of monsters are attacking you, or while executing the script.

Monster Preferences

"Monster Preferences" allow you to prefer one monster type or name over another.

  1. List of your preferences

    • Right click on the window to add or change preferences.

  2. Switch monster based on position in the list

    • If the bot is attacking a monster, switch to a more preferred monster based on its position in the list.

  3. Up and down buttons

    • Select a preference from the list on the left and use the arrows to change their positions.

    • Monsters will be selected based on their position in the list. The higher the monster type or name is, the more of a priority it will be.

Selecting the "type" option gives you the ability to prefer a monster based on its type (eg. General, Champion, Giant, etc.).

Selecting the "name" option gives you the ability to prefer a monster based on its name (eg. Mangyang, Tiger, Chakji, etc.). This feature uses monster IDs which allows you to prefer an exact monster.

  1. Search results

    • Right click on the window to add a monster to the preferences.

  2. Search box

    • Enter in a monster name and the bot will look for it.

  3. Search button

    • After entering the monster name you can either hit enter or click this button to search for the monster.

  4. Add

    • Right click on the monster and click add to add the monster to the preferences list.

Devil's Spirit

Uses Devil's Spirit / Angel's Spirit depending on the options selected.


The scrolls tab will allow you to select which scrolls should be automatically used by the bot. Scrolls are used while not botting, botting, and tracing unless otherwise set.


The stats tab allows you to increase your Str/Int stat points and configure automatic stat point adding.

  1. Allows you to manually increase your stat points

  2. Enables automatic stat points

  3. Set the number of stats to add for each level up


Additional miscellaneous options.

  1. Stop bot when you die > X

    • Completely stop botting if you die more than a specified amount of times.

  2. Stop if you die by a Statue of Justice

    • Joymax placed Statue's of Justice outside towns to kill botters but they removed them shortly after. This option is not necessary anymore.

  3. Stop bot at 50% EXP (SilkroadR)

    • SilkroadR has a bar in the game that only allows you to gain EXP for a certain amount of time. The value starts at 100% -> 50% -> 0%.

  4. Stop bot at 0% EXP (SilkroadR)

    • Similar to #7. SilkroadR has a bar in the game that only allows you to gain EXP for a certain amount of time. After which, the bar turns grey and you do not gain anymore EXP.

  5. Remove berserk from the game

    • Sometimes iSRO/SilkroadR will crash when someone uses berserk. This will disable the berserk animation and prevent the game from crashing.

    • This bug may have been fixed but there isn't really a way to know.

  6. Remove invisible from the game

    • Allows you to see invisible players in the game.

    • iSRO/SilkroadR no longer send movement packets for invisible players so this option is useless there. However, on vSRO private servers it should still work fine.

  7. Re-spawn the job transport if it dies

    • If the job transport dies, respawn it.

    • There is also an option to return when the job transport dies (on the Return tab).

  8. Disconnect if a GM spawns

    • If the bot detects a GM in game, it has the ability to disconnect.

  9. Disconnect if a player attacks you while botting.

  10. Stop if a thief player is found in town

  • This is useful if you are using the auto trade feature.

  1. Only repair equipped items

  • Normally the bot will repair all inventory items - even those that are not equipped. With this option, the bot will only repair the items that are equipped.

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