The "Inventory" tab allows you to see every single item in your inventory in great detail. It shows the item icons if your Silkroad path is set correctly and the white/blue stats. There are more options for exchanging job tickets and inflating event balloons.


The "Exchange" tab allows you to exchange other players and exchange items or gold.

  1. Show requests

    • Shows incoming exchange requests.

  2. Players

    • Shows nearby players.

  3. Refresh

    • Refreshes the player list.

  4. Exchange

    • Sends an exchange request to the selected player.

  5. Inventory

    • List of your inventory items.

  6. Refresh

    • Refreshes the inventory items.

  7. Moves items to/from the exchange window.

  8. Items being given to the other player.

  9. Gold given to the other player.

  10. Other player items you will receive.

  11. Other player's gold you will receive.

  12. Confirm

  • Confirms the exchange.

  1. Approve

  • Approves the exchange.

  1. Cancel

  • Cancels the exchange.

Job Tickets

This tab allows you to exchange job tickets and drop unwanted rewards.


This tab allows you to inflate balloons during the "Balloon" event on iSRO, and it allows you to plus your Devil's/Angel's spirit item using the Awakening Enhancement scroll.

Gori Item Exchange

On iSRO and SilkroadR, the Magic POP Guide Gori NPC can exchange equippable items such as weapons or armor for one with random white/blue stats. This tab automates that process by stopping when a white stat you want is acheived.

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