Auto Configure

The "Auto Configure" tab allows you to easily get your character up and running by configuring most bot settings with sane defaults. It may add conflicting attack skills so please verify that it added the correct ones. You will still need to configure the "Training Area", "Town", and "Pick Filter" settings.

How it works should be self explanatory. For Chinese characters: select your build from the list and your weapon. For European characters: select your primary and secondary weapon types. Skills will be added based on what options you select.


Profiles allow you to create multiple configurations for a character.

  1. Profile

    • Allows you to select a profile.

  2. New

    • Creates a new profile for the current character.

  3. Rename

    • Renames the currently selected profile.

  4. Delete

    • Deletes the current profile.

  5. Auto configure before each town loop

    • Run auto configure before the town loop.

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