Pick Filter

The "Pick Filter" tab or "item filter" allows you to pick, sell, store, store guild all items in the game. It can be configured to use the character to pick items or the pick pet if you have one.

  1. Item list

    • After searching or choosing a category you will see a list of items appear here. Right click on a group of items to set what you would like to do with the item.

    • For "Gold" you will need to set it to pick up all three that you see in the list.

  2. Categories

    • The there combo boxes are used to locate specific item types so they can be more easily set instead of searching for item names.

  3. Search box

    • Enter an item name to search for and press enter.

  4. Clear button

    • Clears the window to free up some memory.

  5. Update button

    • Pressing this button will update the items in your pick filter. Your settings will be saved.

  6. Reset button

    • Resets your entire pick filter configuration. Do not click this unless you really need to.]

  1. Pick items first

    • If multiple monsters are attacking you and an item drops, pick it up before killing the other monsters.

  2. Use pick pet

    • Use a pick pet to pick up items intead of the character.

  3. Pick other player's items

    • If another players item drops and it becomes available for everyone to pick up, allow the bot to pick it up.

  4. Pick party items

    • If an item drops for a party member, pick up the item.

    • This can be useful for parties with auto share items or having one player in the party pick up items.

  5. Don't pick items

    • Don't pick up any items regardless of what is configured in the pick filter.

  6. Allow selling of all item types

    • Allow the bot to sell rare items.

  7. Only pick rare or blue items

    • Only pick up rare or blue items that have dropped from a monster.

  8. Only store rare or blue items

  9. Pick Arrows/Bolts

    • Pick up a specified amount of arrows/bolts

    • The bot will determine which kind to pick up based on your character race.

  10. Only store items with specific blue attributes

  11. Pick with character if pet is unsummoned or full

  12. Do not move pet items except for storing/selling

  13. Do not sell items with plus >=

  14. Blue attributes

Store Gold

  1. Gold keep amount

    • The amount of gold to keep in your inventory

  2. Take gold from storage

    • If you ever go below the "Gold keep amount", take gold from storage

  3. Take gold from guild storage

    • If you ever go below the "Gold keep amount", take gold from guild storage

  4. Store gold in storage (maximum amount, 0 = no limit)

    • The maximum amount of gold to have in storage. "0" for no limit.

  5. Store gold in guild storage (maximum amount, 0 = no limit)

    • The maximum amount of gold to have in guild storage. "0" for no limit.


The "Dismantle" tab allows you to dismantle specific item degrees and types before a particular NPC.

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