Download / Updating

Updates are generally downloaded by the bot on startup.

What is the difference between stable and testing?

Testing (beta) releases are put out whenever new features are added and are first put in the testing channel on Discord. The stable release is only for iSRO and gets minor updates.

Easy Installer


The installer is a simple application that will download all of the necessary files to run phBot. Everything gets installed to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs.

  1. Stable release

    • Install the stable release (infrequent releases)

  2. Testing release

    • Install the testing release (more features and what this guide is mostly based on)

  3. Manager

    • Include the Manager which allows you to manage multiple bots at once more easily.

  4. Minimap

    • Required for the map tab to display the minimap (includes cave maps).

  5. Navmesh

    • Required for collision detection and auto quest to function.

  6. Plugins

    • Plugins allow you to extend the bot with custom code. If you found a plugin you like, you will need this option in order to use it.

  7. Create desktop shortcut

    • Creates a shortcut to phBot and the Manager on your desktop.

  8. Disable WSH

    • Disables the Windows Script Host which prevents running malicious .js, .vbs, and .jse files.

  9. Change DNS

    • Allows you to change your DNS provider to Google, Cloudflare, or Quad9. ISP DNS servers are not always reliable and if you are having issues resolving hostnames this may solve that problem.

  10. Clean install

  • Deletes all phBot and Manager files before downloading them again. This option will wipe all your configs!

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